Your tea can do more for you than taste nice

We know…this is a v different way to think about tea than you might be used to. Do you typically choose a green tea because it’s not super caffeinated and hear it’s good for you?

Turns out, that’s not the full story. We’ve made herbs about flavor or desired effect, but herbs have been keeping our genome functioning for thousands of years.

When you brew your Drip Den tea for yourself, you’re connecting to the entire world of plant knowledge from our ancestors. Boom. You have yourself one of the greatest (and maybe earliest) forms of self care.

Our teas take a page from all major herbal practices, in addition to recent studies, to compile a personalized tea based on questions you can understand about your own life (more on this below).

Keep your stasis - why wait until you’re feeling crummy to think about yourself? Listen to your body and mind.

Though these teas are based on years of ancient tradition, they’re here to help you with your modern woes.

What does the custom tea quiz entail?

Our custom tea quiz questions are designed to open you up to see where stress and imbalances lie, in addition to where you feel great. We ask you to get into your body and prompt you to think about how you feel, rather than relying on external messages to dictate what you should and should not do.

What happens after you take the quiz:

Our herbalists will (by hand, using a little intuition) create a blend of naturally caffeine free, USDA Certified Organic herbs, whose traditional effect as we know it balances what you’re experiencing.

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a custom landing page with a break down of each herb that’s in your tea with a personal note describing why they’re there and what they’ll help you with. Learn more than you ever did about the the herbs in your tea!

Custom tea can help you with many combinations of experiences, like:

  • That nervousness you feel in your tummy after you see an email from a certain person.

  • The strain you put on your eyes from staring at a computer, while also healing after heartbreak.

  • Turning off that mental chatter before bed, and getting an extra surge of energy in the afternoon.

Everyone is different - your feelings and emotions and how those affect your physical presence is unique to each person. So why shouldn’t your herbs be just for you?  



What’s the word on the street?

“My husband and I both found the selected tea to be well balanced in flavor making it really enjoyable to drink, and very effective in soothing an irritated stomach.”

- DripDen Client Couple | Orange County

The tea gives a similar uplift to coffee without the crash. And there's a lightness to it-- it's not hard on my stomach, there's no afternoon drag... and I don't feel guilty for wanting more! :)

-Sarah | Santa Barbara

The biggest difference I noticed was that prior to drinking it, I was feeling the onset of acid reflux. And after drinking it, I didn't have any of those symptoms any longer. Plus, it's been great having a nighttime routine in drinking the tea, making me feel calm and peaceful before I sleep.

-Sandy | Los Angeles