WTF is DripDen?


Plants and Humans, a love story

We noticed herbalism can be very confusing. It spans over thousands of years of practice, many cultures, languages, and climates. But the one thing that we can be sure of: plants have been with partners with humans throughout our evolution. With many of these herbs showing up in products today, have you ever wondered which ones are actually right for you?

Drip Den crafts custom teas and tinctures to guide you on your journey into herbalism. 

Ancient practice tells us herbs have held the power (and scientifically, the enzymes) to balance our bodies, minds, and souls for centuries. 

We’re here to empower and educate your self care in a way that brings balance to your modern day woes. 

Drip Den invites you to introduce herbalism into your daily rituals in a very clear and educational way. When you receive your product, touch the herbs, smell them - if it’s a tea, taste them while dry! Don’t take our word for it - research the herbs that go into each DripDen product.

As you connect with your Drip Den products, know that you are participating in centuries of human herbal practice.

Also, we’re pretty averse to waste, so you’ll notice that everything you get can be recycled.

Check out how to prepare waste free tea here.